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how to write a great case study

How to Write a Great Case Study

You’ve got an amazing customer lined up for a case study, and you want to make sure you create a case study that will truly stand out. A case study that will help you meet sales and marketing goals, but you’re wondering how to write a great case study. This post is designed to be…

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How to Use Case Studies: 13 Ways to Share Your Customer Stories with Examples

Case studies are a high priority for B2B companies with considerable time, effort, and cost invested in producing these pieces. The potential of customer success stories is often overlooked; the story is completed and then turned into a stunning PDF which gets filed away or buried on the company’s website. For case studies to be worth…

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customer case study interview tips

3 Powerful Customer Case Study Interview Tips

Your customer said “yes” to being part of a case study, so now it’s time for the interview. But how do you make the most of that interview so you get the best possible customer success story? It all comes down to following these customer case study interview tips based on my years of interviewing…

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customer case study interviews

3 Steps to Making the Most of Your Customer Case Study Interviews

When it comes to creating customer case studies, there’s one part of the process that’s absolutely critical: the interview. While it may sound obvious, the interview can make or break your case study. The question then is: how do you make the most of your customer case study interviews? Going into interviews with customers, you…

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5 Ways to Get Your Customers to Participate in a Case Study

Case studies are a powerful marketing and sales tool for your business, but sometimes it can be a challenge to get your customers to participate in a case study. Why is getting clients to say yes to a case study so tricky? The reality is that your clients are busy, and you’re making an ask…

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